Welcome at the Hamburg Blues-Club. This page is under construction. Let the blues be with you.



The Hamburg Blues Club e.V. (establishing)

hatWith our initiave "The Hamburg Blues Club" we would like to create a forum - a musician crackerboard - being along with dedicated blues fans. The club opens his doors to collaborate with  the official cultural scene. We are happy to focus exclusively the blues in all its forms. Although blues music but is somewhat underrepresented in the cultural scene of Hamburg this blues is still the root of everything. We see the great importance of the whole range of blues - but also want to provide a platform to the acoustic, unplugged blues. The initiative welcomes all kind of blues enthusiasts: professional musicians, amateurs and dedicated consumers. With the "Collaboroom" provided by an agency we have a place for regular "Blue Mondays" - our musicians crackerboard. A space for unplugged Jams and "living room concerts" which are transferred live to the internet. If we succeed with sponsors, a piano might come into the room - a playground for the boogie-woogie group. Together with the members we want to organize the club workshops, lectures and concerts. There are a lot of ideas - your suggestions are in demand because of the Hamburg Blues Club is supposed to be not only a forum and jam session, but conduct a culture-promoting institution with further actions in the way...